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Montessori classroom management software

At WMI, we believe that Montessori education offers every child the best chance of success and happiness.  

We understand how Montessori educators struggle to preserve creativity and freedom in the prepared environment, while covering national educational requirements. 

Our mission is to help the Montessori Method continue to thrive in today's world, by providing top quality educator training and supportive software solutions. 

Flex Montessori is our online classroom management solution, developed by Montessori educators, for Montessori schools (0-18 years).

Flex for daily use

Plan presentations and 

record pupil activity

Keep observation logs

Track student progress

Mark attendance

Keep parents informed

 and more...

Flex can help you...

Maintain Montessori principles in your classroom 

Meet government requirements

Know exactly what each of your pupils has done and what they still need to do!

Allow freely chosen activity


Follow the child!

More Flex features...

Includes core Montessori activities for all age groups - use our pre-loaded activity lists, create your own, or combine to suit your class


Calendar - view and edit plans at a glance


SMS notification system


Quick and easy reporting


About us

Flex Montessori is an online planning, recording & school management system for Montessori schools and pre-schools, that allows you to easily and intuitively manage your pupils' progress through Montessori activities.


Flex Montessori was developed by Waterpark Montessori International using the same team that developed Waterpark's online learning environment, Flex Learn. We combined this with the extensive Montessori knowledge and experience of our own tutors and many other Montessori teachers to develop Flex Montessori.

We continually develop Flex Montessori in line with teachers' and pupils' ever-changing needs. We keep adding ways of getting things done more simply! Your feedback and input is an essential part of this process and our users can provide feedback directly to our developers.

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