Meet the Team

Clare Healy Walls
WMI Director and founder

Clare is the leader of Waterpark Montessori International (WMI) and the Waterpark Group. She lives in Ireland but travels widely in her work for WMI. She has worked for many years in Montessori pre-schools and schools and has been a trainer for Montessori education since 1981. 

The focus of Clare’s work and writing has been to help adults to implement the Montessori method in a modern world. She has been part of the development of Flex Montessori, using it as a tool for quality Montessori in practice.  Currently, she visits Montessori training programmes, schools, pre-schools and parent groups worldwide. She advises them on how to implement the methodology, in an ever-changing modern world, without losing the essence of core Montessori philosophy. 

Clare is a graduate of Montessori St. Nicholas, London, for pre-school and school ages. She holds an MA in Education (Management) from the Open University. Her education and personal interests have led to ongoing exploration of adult learning techniques, flexible learning methods and ways in which to apply the Montessori philosophy to living and learning in all spheres of life.

Clare is the author of Montessori in a Nutshell, At the Heart of Montessori series (6 books) and The Conscious Parent. She has also published The Conscious Parent in Action, an interactive handbook of stories designed for parent education.

Christina Beitzel Degasperi
Director of Operations

Christina has worked with Waterpark Montessori International (WMI) since 2013 as an administrator and co-tutor. In 2016, she joined Flex Montessori as a consultant, working to ensure that Flex continues to be developed to suit the needs of Montessori educators and maintain the core principles of Montessori education. Since 2017, Christina has taken on the role of Director of Operations for the Waterpark Group.  

Fergus Healy
IT Director

Fergus Healy has worked as head developer with the WMI since 1999, when he first created Flex Learn, one of the very first online learning platforms for Montessori education and training. Fergus, in consultation with many experienced Montessori educators, developed Flex Montessori to help Montessori schools keep up with their obligations to their students and to their governments. Fergus continues to work to improve all Waterpark Montessori products as well as being an integral part of the WMI management team. 

Sarah Kennedy-Berge
Pedagogical Leader 

Sarah is the Pedagogical Leader of WMI and a WMI tutor for ages 3-12 years. She first began working with children in 1994, and was a Montessori kindergarten and elementary school teacher from 2005 until 2015, when she became a full time trainer and member of the WMI management team. 

Sarah has a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) with a focus on education from Central Connecticut State University.

Sarah owns where she makes and sells materials for Montessori kindergartens and schools.

More to come!
The rest of our (growing) team will join us here soon.