At Flex Montessori we are committed to providing excellent customer support at all times.

Here are just a few testimonials from our dedicated customers.

Holmedal Montessoriskule has started to use Flex and I find it great for both planning and recording. The system is really flexible and the biggest advantage is that the whole staff have access to it wherever they are, as it is an online system. 

Flex Record helps me both to remember which Montessori presentations I have done and what kind of work the child does afterwards. It also helps me to keep track of which presentations I haven't done! 

It's easy to go to Flex to see the next step I should present and to record it immediately after 
and for me as a headmaster it is important that we have a system with records for all the children. It is easily accessible for all the teachers, which is important when a child changes group or when a new teacher comes into a group. 

Thank you Flex Record
Oddveig L, Principal

I really love Flex and think it's an outstanding program! – SophiaLR 

Flex is perfect for us.  We can easily get a full overview of our pupils work, attendance and personal details!  Thomas H.

I'm amazed and eager to use it in my everyday job. - C Berger

Flex is intuitive and really easy to use. Monika D.